Nowaday,I've heard that the government were to change from teaching Science and mathemathis in English back to bahasa Melayu..But i heard also that they've agreed that they will be no changes as we willl continue learn and teach in Engllish language..actuallly i'm quite agree that we will teach in Engllish as we have learn Math and science subject in BI since we're in form 1 and it will be hard for us again because we understand only most of the IMPORTANT term in English.And....for me when we learn in English there will be no barrier for us to know or learn more this math and science subject as most of the references are in English.Ya....there is someone has talked to me  bout this and im quite agreed with her...She says that we must defend our language from extinct in our own country....but for me when its only teaching some subject in English willll not affected the power of our own language..Why dont this 'pejuang bahasa' find the better way so that Bahasa Malaysia will be known more in the world rather than only focuses on how to make teaching math and science in bm...but i really actualy respect them because they love our language so much and of course i'm myself also love my language that much also.... hem...the other point is actuallly teaching in Science subject and math subject in also help us to explore the world and exchange more idea to the world because most of the human in planet earth understand english..this changing idea actually very important for us so that we will not stay in the box know what i mean... conclusion..actually both teaching in bm or bi is having their own important but for me...i prefer in english as they still subject teach in bm and that balance for me to have some subject to teach in english this is only what am i thinking about this issue