9:11 AM
Dr. Amad Mushllim


Oh gosh..I had fever and this  make me feel worse and everything goes wrong espsecially in my dear academic part. The worse part is when its time for mathematic where i cannot even think and solve the simplest part of it...

EHm....why am I having this MrFever..maybe because the Jom heboh thing...yea its raining at the very time and I forget to take the medicine immediately after the raining part.EHm...Mr fever answer me why  do you want to infect me at this time where the final is around the corner.HUh...you are doing this purposely because you dont want me to score right....But its ok coz I will struggle as far as i can...huhuuu....is there any other reason why we are having fever...ehm...maybe because of the weather, overheat during playtime,ehm,.....maybe because of suddenly change temperature..........what else hah......bah...ok lah....this mr fever stillm put me under pressure till I can write anymore...blame Mt fevernot me k.....chow!!!!!

4:55 PM
Dr. Amad Mushllim


What is so suprise?? hehehe its our beloved mentor suprise party which we make this morning..here is the story line.first we were going earlier to the class coz we want to make sure all of us are there to celebrate his birthday. Why?? because most of usually come late to morning class especially myself.huhuhuhuhuhu...But there is some will come late where is they are mostly girl coz they are going to bring the cake and suprised Mr Si..Mr Si is our mentor by the way.

When he come to the class, as usual we just greet them like normal and he quite suprised to see most of us come earlier than usual and we just make 'tak ada apa yang berlaku'. Its funny to see he wondering around and teaching normally without knowing that he'll be suprised later. He also keep on asking why most of the girl who are always coming earlier come late today. We still make dont know.Hehehehe such a naughty mentee are we. 15 minute later..the girl coming and poor Mr Si still dont know and try to ask the girl why they are coming late.The class suddenly become silent and Suprised!!!!!!!!!!!
Heheheh he give us that suprised look and we sang the birthday song loudly and Mr Si became so suprised that he can't say nothing.Yee...than yoou know what happen...time to cut the cake and the party start!!!! A lot of food and snack that had been hidden inside our bag are now ready to be eat!!!!!

This  is Mr Si still look suprised and become to his excited state I guest..hehehe.See...he still holding the question paper that he want us to do.

This is Mr Si when he cuts the cake. Yea as usual we as his little mentee still bullying him by singing loudly and ask him to get married faster and also ask him to buy us KFC food and bring us for jalan2 di Miri.Hehehe....naughty!!!!

Yea...me is the one who use the black baju melayu...Mr Si is using the blue baju melayu.
Ehm.....what else to write...yea..we hope Mr Si...will panjang umur,have a good time owez,will get married faster,ehm...love us forever,getting richer and stay young.Hehehehe....I have to stop now coz Mr Si is briefing us about our coming exam. See...he is very caring person.........

7:49 PM
Dr. Amad Mushllim

Imaginary Friend

Ehm...do you imaginary friend??? A friend that only you can see and play with without anyone can see it....Ehm...imaginary friend is a friend who exist only in your imagination but still we can play and talk with them like there were very exist in our world. This phenomena normally happen to a child from 7 years old and below. How bout you???do you have an imaginary friend...how many imaginary friend do you have....ehm...me???? Yes I have three of them. But I cannot remembers them well...hehehe coz i'm still very very little boy.....I play everything with them since I'm the only boy in my family..We also taking bath,eat and do everything together. When I'm sulking, I'll talk to them and tell them everything and that usually work to calm me down. We also sometime imagine that there is another world where everything you want to do is possible such as fly.We imagine that we are figthing the evil monster and than good monster come and save us when we are about to lose..hehehehe.Do you watch bogey man movie..yea there is a story about imaginary friend where when we start to forget them they will become a bogey man.This story is quite interesting  since it remind me about my imaginary friend...hyehehehehe.......

1:10 AM
Dr. Amad Mushllim

Money is everything??Agree with me???

Ok...here we go again..money is everything for me and 75% of my class are agree with me....yea in this modern life everything need money even when we want to peeing...is there any ways that we can survive without money.If there is??? why dont we share???? hehehe...ok..one of my friend has said that money actually is not everything, yea we can accept that cause there is a thing that we dont need money such as love........

Why did i say like that...yea firstly I agree that we can buy love by money....it seems like that we can buy love with money but actually when we love someone because he or she has a lot money...I'm very sure that his or her love will not lasting forever either because of out of money factor or any others problems that will come...Believe me.....
So...do do you think money is everything??????/

6:54 PM
Dr. Amad Mushllim

My ClassMate At IPS Miri

Hem...how do I start ek??? ok...my classmate are all very cheer type of person.They Always in happy mode thought that something come and trouble us. For example, if there is a lot lot of assignment, they still in can cheering and jumping like a monkey especially the boys group. They are very happy and always slumber when trouble come and please do not worried about their homework cause they always finish their homework just in time( you know what they did when everyone are using laptop)hehehe.....boys also always sit at the back and do their own work.....

OK...this is my class mate,see.....there are all very happy good looking and some of them were very busy with their laptop....hihohohoh..........me???? I'm not there coz Im at the toilet at the time.ABout the girls...their hobby is laughing especially my friend Christine.She is a very happy go lucky girl.
Ok...this is her..she is with no tudung...the beauty beside her is Nisa..she is one of the most sweet girl in our class...but sory...she's belong to someone now...(melepas sudah)......Others girl??? maybe next posting I'll tell bout them...hehehe...da.........